Single of the Week: Salvation by Milton Star

by thethreepennyguignol

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to dedicate some time to the Jukebox, what with the glamorous carousel of Christmas parties and all those award’s parties to go to. But fear ye not; we’ve found ourselves some fabulous indie-folk to tide you through the festive season.

Yup, our single of the week is Salvation from Milton Star, a band that record their music in an old church in Fife and apparently thought the Editors could do with sounding a bit more like a psychedelic folk band. The Curtis-esque vocals match perfectly with the dark,sultry guitar licks and lyrics that are both instantly recognisable and curiously oblique. The vocal lines are distorted and synthesised to create something with a really rich, hefty, meaty edge, the sort of vocals that you can hang entire albums on (which they need to do, soon). This is the sort of track you should be listening to while drinking cheap wine and gazing moodily into the fireplace.