Single of the Week: Shapeshifter by Coincidence Bizarre

by thethreepennyguignol

After Coincidence Bizarre confounded and entertained me in equal measure with Invisible Man, it’s only fair that I give Shapeshifter a shot: the second track from the collective’s debut EP.

More than anything else, Coincidence Bizarre stick to a theme like the glue they definitely weren’t sniffing when they recorded this track. Just as they did with Invisible Man, the group uses Shapeshifter to expand on the theme suggested by the title. The song is a typically weird mix of cinematic soundscapes tempered with trip-hop beats, and the title is no joke as the vocals flex and change when the song requires it. There are a lot of ,moving parts to a song like this, something that will invite further listens, but at the outset Shapeshifter is a groove filled jam that underlines how every song is in some way a Shapeshifter. Admittedly that could be a reach, but hey –  that’s part of the fun of experiencing this singular group.

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