Single of the Week: Invisible Man by Coincidence Bizarre

by thethreepennyguignol

Not much is known about West Coast collective Coincidence Bizarre apart from a website full of slang and their first single, appropriately called Invisible Man. It’s a brisk, relaxed track, with subtle beats that contrast and confirm the point that they want to make with this song.

This point is loud and clear in the lyrics, as the collective rhyme off all of the icons that they associate with; usually, name-dropping like this would be a way of bragging about your talent while also giving listeners a type of context for what kind of act you want to be. Instead, Coincidence Bizarre uses this context to do the exact opposite, using the name-dropping as satire, spotlighting the type of obvious move that it is.

Invisible Man is a groove filled indictment on today’s music industry and the ways to get to the top of it, which also makes time for the invisible men that get lost in the sprawl of noise. It’s an accomplished debut single, perfectly introducing the group, what they stand for, and what side of the media they are on. I’ll give you a clue: it’s not Pitchfork’s side.

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