Single of the Week: Stress by Kylie Odetta

by thethreepennyguignol

19-year- old songstress Kylie Odetta has done it again: and by done it I obviously mean she has produced another tale of relationship woe wrapped up in a soulful package. Where previous single You Don’t Love Me had Odetta slowly coming to the painful realisation that her relationship only went one way, STRESS is a lot less subtle and a lot angrier.

Another aspect of Odetta’s musical approach that STRESS cements is her skill at lulling the listener with her relaxed instrumentation. STRESS is held together by an almost swooning piano riff, perfect for those long, soon-to-actually-be-here, summer days.

That is, until she hits you with the full force of the songs subject: stressing about keeping her relationship together. Granted, it’s more of a cushioned blow than a full-on gut punch but it’s effective nonetheless. Odetta speaks frankly about the storm she’s trying to weather, at times almost collapsing under the weight of it, but she keeps herself, and the listener, afloat all the same.

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