Introducing: The Slow Readers Club

by thethreepennyguignol

Ah, live albums: the bane and beauty of the indie scene condensed into disc form. Releasing a live album is a water test for really good indie groups: either you capture that raw, rich, rare atmosphere that populates the really good live shows, or you’re just re-recording your studio songs with poorer audio quality. And d’you know who are releasing a live album that thoroughly excellent former option? The Slow Readers Club.

Just whack on Days Like This Will Break Your Heart right there: it’s an almost arrogantly confident piece, a bit of symphony wrapped up with Joy-Division-filtered-through-Editors vocals. There’s something comfortingly grimy about the way this sounds; padded out with a smattering of applause and the vague echo and shuffle of feet of an audience being convinced to like this group. It reaching genuinely lusty highs that made me lift my fingers from the key for a minute and go “damn”. Live albums, ladies and gentleman: this is how it’s done.

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