Single of the Week: Everything by Chantal Monte

by thethreepennyguignol

Chantal Monte is here to seduce you, and with “Everything” she succeeds. As one of the featured tracks on her forthcoming EP Syrup: a collaboration with Portugal producer Nuno Meneses, “Everything” is a startling introduction to this artist’s considerable charms.

As someone who proclaims herself as the flower child that blossomed in the 1970s San Francisco Love-In scene, it’s no wonder that Monte has a fascination with topics like sex and spirituality. The great thing here is the fact that, since she chooses to investigate these themes with ambient electronic music rather than what could be termed as the hippie option, she is more likely to engage listeners that otherwise, through their on preference, may have passed her by.

There is more of a manipulation in electronica which suits her as she tells us to relax as the shimmering synths engulf us, the seduction has begun. This is coy, unaggressive approach that accentuates Monte’s subtly commanding vocals, asking us to dive into her, physically and spiritually. Connection is “Everything”, whether it’s through sex or otherwise, Monte wants to connect with us, and with music this patently hypnotic, and her subtle vocals, it’s hard not to fall under her spell, to connect.

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