Single of the Week: Playing Tag by Analog Monoxide

by thethreepennyguignol

As a lead single for an album called Songs for the Road, Playing Tag is an incredibly appropriate musical statement from Nordic glitch master Analog Monoxide. This isn’t fist pumping spring break, sleeping in a van with your friends while going cross-country. Instead, Playing Tag is an intricate, intimate conversation Stian Høyberg is having with himself, or the reflection of himself that comes in and out of focus as each street lamp hits the interior of his car as he passes by.

It’s the kind of song, with its downbeat tempo, almost whispering vocals, and pleasant textures that invites you to get lost in. The muted drum-loop and different electronic components merging together gives the song an early hours of the morning feel. It’s as if Høyberg is walking briskly away from his problems rather than running, with lyrics mixed in a fog of nostalgia and regret, making for a poignant listen.

Playing Tag is a deeply comforting listen, layered with Nordic noir that is both dark but still reflective. If the album is as good as this single then I call shotgun for the full trip.

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