Single of the Week: Tidal Bomb by Colin Onderdonk

by thethreepennyguignol

The fact that Colin Onderdonk is only 18 years old means that his grasp on the human condition will be underestimated. After all, what could an 18 year old kid from Texas understand about the world at large? On the evidence of Tidal Bomb, the answer to that question is, well, a hell of a lot actually.


Tidal Bomb has a lot going for it: it is intricately put together, and has a good mixture of tempos, but the song’s real strength is Onderdonk’s lyrics. The ocean is a popular symbol for the sub-conscious: that great unknown world just below the surface, a place where, depending on your beliefs, we all came from. Onderdonk plays with this idea of going into the unknown, with the titular tidal bomb a stand in for many different possibilities: it could be literal, or a more ambiguous revelation, like something you can only admit to yourself or about yourself, if you can regain some measure of peace.

Colin Oderdonk has proved with Tidal Wave and his debut EP Proximity Effect that he is an intelligent artist who can play with big ideas in a way that doesn’t downplay the quality of his music. Sometimes artists need to choose what will be more powerful: the idea or the finished product. Colin Onderdonk is good enough to never need to make that choice.

By Kevin Boyle

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