Single of the Week: eW.A.F.T by diNMachine

by thethreepennyguignol

Wow, this song was an experience. diNMachine’s latest single: eW.A.F.T. basks in the mission statement described in the band’s name. You see din is the noun used to describe prolonged, disruptive noise, but is also a verb used to describe the process of learning through repetition.

With eW.A.F.T., taken from their forthcoming album The Opposites of Unity, diNMachine toe the line between disruption and equilibrium. The music, tinged with numerous cultural influences, is enthused with the free flowing energy of a transcendent jam session, as well as sounding intricately composed and plotted. There is a story in this song, a story that can change with each listener as each key, or tonal change, send you down a new thematic corridor. One minute it sounds like the best anime theme song ever, the next it’s soundtracking an emotional breakdown in the subway, or it’s none of those things, or all of them at once. Not to sound too clichéd (already missed that boat) but it takes you on a journey, a walking tour of your own imagination which is being blissfully manipulated by these sounds. eW.A.F.T. is a challenging, and rewarding listen, a song that speaks volumes even if it has no lyrics.

diNMachine’s LP, The Opposite of Unity, will be released on 9/9/16.

By Kevin Boyle


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