Single of the Week: Most of All We Just Go Around by The Grand Undoing

by thethreepennyguignol

Like any great pop song about a serious subject there is an uneasy alliance between the light and the dark, and that’s exactly what we get from The Grand Undoing’s new single Most of All We Just Go Around. Taken from the bands sophomore LP, Sparks Rain Down From The Lights of Love, Most of All We Just Go Around is a ramblingly melodic ode to repeating yourself.

Many of us have been unlucky in love, making the same mistakes all over again and expecting a different result, and that is what The Grand Undoing  (real name Seth Goodman) taps into on this song. “We get high/ we get low/ but most of all we just go around”, he sings in the chorus, wilfully repeating the highs and lows of each relationship, but also romanticizing it in the music. The song plays like a bar-room ballad, to be played while looking at the bottom of a glass, and there are some hints of addiction in the songs subtext. With cheery guitars, an infrequent, but jiggy piano riff, Goodman is celebrating the romantic nature of our very human mistakes, all of which take us “back to the source again.”

By Kevin Boyle

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