Single of the Week: Dark Waters by Dan Lipton

by thethreepennyguignol

American music has two hearts, urban, and rural. There have been countless songs about New York and other cities, indeed when most think of the American musical landscape, it’s The Velvet Undergrounds New York, Nirvana’s Seattle, and Springsteen’s New Jersey. Artists and places that are so intrinsically tied together. That’s the first heart. The second belongs to the travelling troubadours like Dan Lipton.

Dan Lipton’s elementally moody single “Dark Water” reaffirms his travelling heart. He stays in one place only long enough to get some rest, “Woke up in Brooklyn/Waves crashing at my door/ Rode a ferry just to stay in motion.” Dark Water” is Lipton on the run from his problems, pleading that the water cover up his woes. It’s Americana, and the romanticism of escaping. There’s a sense of finality at play here, Lipton has run out of road and is faced by the sea, it’s not so easy to keep moving so he tries to make a deal. Have the sea swallow his heartache and his journey can be done.

“Dark Water” certainly belongs in America’s second, rambling heart, but it asks the question of what happens when you have no more road left. Let’s hope Dan Lipton can find this answer so he can bring us many more tales of American woe.