Single of the Week: Say Yea by Savoy Ellis

by thethreepennyguignol

When you hear about music from Los Angeles, it’s usually something…well, something pretty produced: electronica, EDM, glossy indie pop. So when I heard about Savoy Ellis, a singer-songwriter from California creating something in the realm of neo-soul, I was instantly interested. With a degree in English Literature behind him and a few years studying piano and vocals to perfect his craft, Savoy Ellis’ music seemed to promise a certain lyricism beyond the manufactured pop that seems to populate the charts.

And, with the release of his latest single, Say Yea, I can confirm that that is indeed the case. It kicks off with a full, inviting beat, the production just on the right side of boundary-pushing, keeping the old style R&B feel without sacrificing innovation. With warm vocals that challenge Marvin Gaye for his monopoly on “seductive”, it never rests into it’s love-song laurels, always hanging on to an edge of longing that keeps it from sounding too generic. Smart, gorgeously constructed, and endlessly re-listenable, this is the summer jam you never knew you needed in February.