Single Review: Reindeer Romp ‘n’ Roll

Christmas music is an entire genre of its own, yet there are very few Christmas songs that stand the test of time. Sure, there’s Slade and The Pogues, bands that whose names have wreaths around them when they pop into your head. Then there’s bands like the Killers and Coldplay: whose Yuletide songs were quickly, and rightly, forgotten.

Of course there is another way to go: gather an eclectic bunch of singers and musicians who can bring each of their own musical vision to the festive season.

Which brings us merrily on to Reindeer Romp and Roll: the stand-out track on the collaborative album A Colorful Christmas. The song, courtesy of Fetal Records, is a jazz infused spaghetti western track, sung brilliantly by six year old Jet Watling. This is no ordinary Christmas song-this is the kind of song that could eerily soundtrack any alternative Christmas movie. I dare you to not think this song would sound badass sound-tracking John McClaine’s action packed Christmas at Nakatomi Plaza. This is the cool kind of song that Quentin Tarantino would use to soundtrack a gun fight between Santa and all the bad children wanting revenge and it’ll improve your Christmas no end.