Single of the Week: Spin by Matt Lande

by thethreepennyguignol

The white guy and his acoustic guitar has been done to death. I mean, Ryan Adams has a lot to answer for, but Matt Lande wants to go one better. He’s not interested in pouring his heart out with one piece of wood. No, he crafts full band songs all by himself, and that’s not what popstars are supposed to do.

His new single Spin, the first track off of his upcoming album Glow, makes the statement that he is a fully formed pop-rocker. It’s surprising that there aren’t more like him, but so many popstars have to be part of a group or rely on producers to come up with anything even half as good as this. Lande himself seems as if he should be firmly planted in indie, but his melodies are far too catchy.

Spin, a song about burning desire, begins with the kind of riff that Kings of Leon make at their most famous, but Lande cuts through it with a smooth vocal, both raw and yearning. He even gives in to a little acoustic bridge but just before you think it’s going to take over the song bang, and we’re back to rock.

Matt Lande is a welcome tonic to the manufactured pop that constantly drowns the charts- for once, let’s have an artist with a bit more sincerity to them.