Free Single Download: I’m Ready by Patti Yang

by thethreepennyguignol

Ten years ago you could throw a rock in any direction and hit an artist who was trying to bring Eighties music back. In 2015 the same can’t be said for the Nineties, which is one of the reasons I’m Ready, the new single from Patti Yang, is so compelling. This song has so many different things going for it: a reminder of how timeless Trip-hop sounds- seriously, with just a few little tweaks Yang has infiltrated the moody dance landscape with beats that sound like they should infiltrate the charts as well.

There is an inherent spirituality in I’m Ready: Patti Yang coolly croons about the almost religious experience of finding love and joining all the others that found it before her: “I’m ready for love/I’m ready for the dream come true/like all of you.” The synths and percussion create, for me at least, a vivid mental picture of a quest across the desert. She’s at the end, discovered her lover, and even though the journey was trying she has enough energy to say how she feels and how the journey has affected her. I’m Ready is an ode to the emotional hardship of accepting that you want love, and Patti Yang sells it with grace. Get your free download of I’m Ready here.