Single of the Week: Richman’s Arcade by The Splashing Pearls

by thethreepennyguignol

Yup, you might recognise the name at the top of this post and that’s because it’s not the first time we’ve reviewed a release from The Splashing Pearls. In fact, they’ve earned both of our recent Single of the Week spots, so I don’t really know why you’d need any more convincing about how great they are.

Their newest single, Richman’s Arcade, adds a little bit more to the speculation around their next album, Tabloid Tales, out April 28th. Voodoo Love was a hectic, brilliant, all-over-the-place jam, and, while that’s pretty enticing in and of itself, Richman’s Arcade offers a very different view of the upcoming release. It firmly keeps it’s jagged teeth into the steel drums and pluckety guitars of it’s predecessor, but it’s got a much more nostalgic, almost mournful feel to it- emotionally striking and packed with sublime vocal harmonies, it weaves a striking image. Here’s the other side of The Splashing Pearls coin- and I don’t mind which side it lands on.