Single of the Week: Voodoo Love by The Splashing Pearls

by thethreepennyguignol

You know, too much angst in a lady’s life can bring her down, so I’m never sorry to see something with a bit of pep in it’s step rove it’s way on to my radar. This week, my injection of joy is coming courtesy of The Splashing Pearls, a three piece from Delaware, and their latest single Voodoo Love.

Firstly, let me just stress that this is a single from their next album, Tabloid Tales, which I’ve found my way to an advance copy of, and it’s out in April, and you should definitely go listen to it when it is. With that out of the way, let’s talk a little bit about this track and why it’s such a good example of what The Splashing Pearls do best.

Firstly, there’s that thumping afro-carribean kick courtesy of an enthusiastic steel drum, an upright bass, and a guitar- and very little else. There’s a proper, raw edginess to Voodoo Love, a rollicking kick up the backside that dances circles around you then leaves you in the dust. Lyrically, it’s playful and a little bit dark (two things that are hard top pull off without sounding just kind of pretentious), and all it’s little intricacies are pulled to the forefront with some awesome vocal work courtesy of Larkin Scobell. It’s a vividly realized, brightly-coloured parade float smacking of booze, the smell of cigarettes in the summer, and dancing till your legs give out. If that doesn’t satisfy you, I don’t know what will.