Your New Favourite Band Week: Con Brio

by thethreepennyguignol

I’m pretty sure every review of Con Brio starts by noting how appropriate their name is, and smugly explaining what Con Bio actually means like they didn’t just have to look it up on Wikipedia. And I’m never one to claim originality, so hey, let’s open with a classic. Con Brio means With Vigour, and it IS appropriate for the seven-piece, boundary-pushing soul band (who have a new EP out on Valentine’s Day).

Led by the electric twenty-year-old prodigy Ziek McCarter, Con Brio (much like Ethan Jano on Saturday) tap into a long, rich musical history, taking apart neo-soul from the nineties and grabbing handfuls of the best funk, swing, jazz, and rock from the surrounding decades. Fusion music has a bad name because not everyone does is as well as Con Brio.

But what does it actually sound like? It sounds like something irresistible, a little bit raunchy and smart as a whip, matching deep, layered instrumental lines with the sparkling, insta-classic frontmanship of McCarter. This is music that you can take apart to every minute detail, re-assemble, and every single scrap of it will sound just as good. And that’s a big ask.