Your New Favourite Band Week: Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds

by thethreepennyguignol

For Your New Favourite Band Week, I’m trying to spread the net a little bit wider than my own pleasure zone of indie pop. And when I dragged my net back in, something of the avian variety was clinging to the bottom.

The New York-bred band are one of those who just sound unapologetically retro. There’s a little bit of funk, a big helping of soul, smatterings of old-school rock and roll, pulled together with a bit of post-modern quirk and a sultry, slippery sense of self. They understand firmly who they are and what kind of music they’re trying to create, but also that a big of flexibility and the willingness to test genre boundaries is what’s going to keep their addictive sound, well, addictive. Take The Long Way, opener off their last EP- it’s packed from the first second to the last with brass licks, catchy vocal hooks and cool guitar runs- essentially, it’s pop sensibilities wrapped up in an irresistible funk packaage.

I mean, I think I’d be doing everyone a disservice by not mentioning Arleigh Kincheloe, the lead singer- I was raised by my father to fall instantly in love with any woman with a really good voice, and suffice it to say I’m saving for a ring now.  Big, confident, room-filling vocals that come out of her mouth sounding like they were worked on by the world’s finest producers for weeks at a time, she makes standing out against the background of a seven-piece band look laughably easy.

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