Single of the Week: Boomerang by Ships Have Sailed

by thethreepennyguignol

Ever since I heard Bring You Down, the explosively excellent track from Ships Have Sailed’s Someday EP, I’ve been waiting for that confirmation single from the LA three-piece. You know what I mean- you hear one amazing song by a band, and you like the rest of their stuff well enough, but there has to be one more stop-what-you’re-doing good track before you’d officially obsess about them on Twitter.

Well, Ships Have Sailed can firmly count me among their dedicated fans. I’ve been following the release of their debut full-length album, Moodswings (out early March- for Christ sake’s, buy it), for a while now, and it was only earlier this evening that I got round to listening to it’s lead single, Boomerang. Folding my clothes, I dropped my leather skirt and lay down on the floor so I could listen to this three times in a row.

I’m a self-admitted sucker for really, really good pop music. And this has everything I’d want from great pop- cracking vocal hooks, a chorus that made me screw up my face with glee, and off-beat guitar patched in under powerful vocals that made me want to hear this live, like, right now. It’s got that brilliant build that instantly tattoos itself on your brain like Bring You Down, but it’s a grown-up, first-album track. It’s what I wanted most from them since I heard their EP last year; proof that I was unarguably right about how good they were. And you all know how much I love being right.