Introducing: Cross Wires

by thethreepennyguignol

The very first album I ever remember owning was my Mum’s copy of The Best Punk Album In The World…Ever!. It was neon green with an orange illustration of the globe held together with a safety pin on the front, and was packed with the punk music I was raised on; Ian Dury, Buzzcocks, The Stranglers, Sex Pistols, The Ruts, The Damned…

And I spent most of last week trying to hunt out that music again, indulging in endless replays of Pretty Vacant, Shot by Both Sides and Alternative Ulster (much to my cat’s chagrin- she’s more of a britpop kitten). It’s pretty lucky, then, that Cross Wires came to me when they did. An email appeared in my inbox yesterday, pointing me in the direction of their EP Your History Defaced, and it couldn’t have come at a better time in my musical cycle.

I think there’s been a post-punk but pre-new wave gap in the British music scene of late, but I think Cross Wires have filled it. This EP has pulses of guitar that sound as if they were torn up and sprinkled over what remained of the scrappy South London vocals. With a smattering of ska and a healthy dose of hooks and controlled explosions for choruses, Your History Defaced isn’t a media student’s sarcastic take on the genre- it’s just straight post punk. Tab Clear is my favourite track on the album, with a healthy pulse of bass under the melodic vocals and simple chord structure, the kind of convincingly endearing number that I need to hear live (what, do you need more hints?).  I don’t cover everything that turns up in our inbox, but this one? This one I like.