Single of the Week: % by Klozapin

by thethreepennyguignol

Hey, have you been listening to Klozapin recently? Because you should have been. Sure, it’s early in the week to be declaring a best single yet, but I live by my own rules, and those rules dictate I declare % the victor. Fresh off their self-titled debut LP, which was released only a few days into 2015, the track lands somewhere between psychedelic rock and the grungy, crunchy sounds that characterised the start of the decade. It’s the perfect track to be smoking a neon-pink butterscotch-flavoured vaporizer to, the kind of song that’s fashioned out of splodges of noise and a louche kind of inspiration until a come-hither classic rises from the mix. Laid-back, and quirky without being try-hard, I’m all over this as the soundtrack for at least the next season.