Single of the Week: A Scene In Between by Honeymilk

by thethreepennyguignol

Happy new year, one and all, and let’s welcome in 2015 the same way I have: grumpy from quitting smoking, fighting off the cold, and listening to Honeymilk.

The Swedish-based group have been on the up for the last twelve months, landing a bunch of radio spots and nods for a clutch of cracking singles and their Sanguine Skies EP. A Scene in Between was the second-last single released from the EP, and it’s an instant classic in the purest sense of that phrase. As soon as I heard the first kick of those melty guitars and Vaccines-tinged vocal lines, I realized that this is precisely what I want 2015 to sound like. It’s crystal-clear in it’s intent, and, at six minutes long, it’s a big chance to take for an indie group. In that running time, they have to prove that they’re not just worth listening to, but that they’re worth listening to for six minutes. In an ambitious piece that takes in everything from percussive bass to vocal and guitar sweeps that smack of the first Stone Roses album, I think they’ve succeeded on both levels. Here is a perfect example of how retro should sound in 2015.