Introducing: The Relights

by thethreepennyguignol

Birthed in Bedfordshire at the start of 2014, meet The Relights, the English four-piece indie-rock group with an unmissable double A side.

They spent the summer gigging across Bedfordshire, and are avoiding the bitter British winter with some solid time spent in the studio. The Shadows/Free Now double-a side comes as a precursor to an EP that’s set to be released at the end of the year after more gigging across the country.

I’m constantly suprised by bands that can sound this in-sync and slickly greased after such little time spent together. If this double-a side is anything, it’s taut, presenting your ears with some buffed-to-perfection indie rock packed with rivers of guitar and warm vocals.Take Free Now, the second track- this is one of a very specific brand of British rock- the kind that sounds like it should be playing out over the credits of some ironically hopefully indie drug flick. And that’s about the highest praise I can give them without letting you here the tracks, right here:

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