Single Review: All I Meant by Chuckie Campbell

by thethreepennyguignol

When you find someone as entrenched in the arts as Chuckie Campbell, it’s bound to come through in their music. And what better way to showcase the Buffalo-based musician’s bold, verbose lyricism that with the second single off his critically-acclaimed album, More Die From Heartbreak?

Yep, say hello to All I Meant, featuring Jole Conique. Fresh off an a tour of the USA, the rapper- who’s also a writer, poet, and creator of an arts journal- delivers in style. It’s a crisp, explosively put-together single, packed with his machine-gun delivery and pin-sharp lyrics, making great use of those throaty, cigarette-stained Conique vocals to tie everything together. Along with an affecting video, what comes through here more than anything is the unbridled an irresistible charisma that Campbell radiates- there’s a youthful but knowing quality to his songs, one that will serve him well in an increasingly cynical industry. He’s a smart performer with talent, and All I Meant is an indicator of how far he’s come and just how far he’ll go.

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