Single of the Week: Broke my Heart by Alice Sungurov

by thethreepennyguignol

It’s no secret that, in pop music love, is the most popular theme there is. Indeed, there are millions of songs that capture every aspect of it like the John Hughes-sponsored highs, and the Ben-and-Jerry’s-endorsed lows. Broke My Heart is the most common song: at once a confessional and accusation, it’s about pain and who’s responsible.

Don’t get me wrong, when I say that the song is common I don’t mean that as a slight. Really what Alice Sungurov gets right here is how common yet world-shattering a broken heart can be. She describes her despair but shakes it off with a wry “oh great; another bad day”. Broke My Heart is a song that treats it’s subject with the weight that it deserves, no Morrissey or Sinead O’Connor melodrama for her, telling us that yes, breaking up is crap, but it’s not the end. Taking the drama out of the story makes this a unique song in the pantheon of love songs, something that is not really common at all.

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