Album Review: Into Fog by Joshua Worden

by thethreepennyguignol

Well, you’ll know by know that we here at the Jukebox love a musician who does it all themselves. And that’s why we’re particularly chuffed to have the chance to cover Joshua Worden’s latest effort, Into Fog. A jazz-guitar-turned-English-lit major at college (haven’t we all been?), his soundly experimental album mixes up his love of lyrical literature with a passionate push to create something new, something interesting. Has he succeeded?

Let’s start with the title track. Into Fog draws on his Atlanta background, mixing sounds of an urban landscape with a sparse, understated percussion section and a sense of…something. It’s music that’s meant for a smoky bar in a movie scene somewhere, and that’s no bad thing. His voice is crisp and clear, cutting through the fuzzy underneath. Then take something like Right at Home; a more traditional tune that’s still packed with twists and turns on what you might be expecting. Blending muted guitar and punchy percussion with wistful lyrics and a more electronic edge that makes my earphones vibrate. Boundless rounds off my favourite tracks of the album (the first three, by sheer chance), a zenned-out, confident mission statement of a song- this is what Joshua Borden sounds like at his best, melting synths into each other underneath his velvety vocals in a tune that needs re-listening to really get under it’s skin. The bridge, with a fuzzy voice and what sounds like a sunset of electronica going on in the background, just starts to tap into something really, properly special.

So, I would say that he does succeed. Into Fog is an audacious, almost arrogant jump into the deep end of experimental sound that does’t lose sight of how to actually put a good song together. Indulging the listener without becoming self-indulgent, Into Fog is hard to argue with.

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