Single Giveaway: Veronica by Postcards from Jeff

by thethreepennyguignol

I promise we’ll get back to the proper reviews that you know and love, but in the mean time we’re going two for two on brilliant free music (that’s the link to download this track, in case you were wondering).

Say hello to Postcards from Jeff, the pen name of Heathcliffian multiinstrumentalist Jeff Worthington. Inspired by cinematic, sweeping landscapes and brooding away in his studio on the Yorkshire moors, his new album is out next year-and, in the meantime, he’s given us a free download of his brilliant single Veronica.

If red lipstick, exhaled cigarette smoke, and kitten heels became music, they would sound like this. This is a femme fatale in song form; crisp, sexy, slightly coy. It’s a song held together by Worthington’s gorgeous voice and his ability to carefully control how all those layers of music sound; it’s sharp, intelligent stuff, and makes a damn strong case for the album next year.

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