Single Giveaway: I Should Have Gone to Uni by Allusondrugs

by thethreepennyguignol

Hey, we all like free stuff, don’t we? And it’s even better when that free stuff is, say, something you really want as opposed to a pot of frosted eyeshadow that you got with some questionable shower gel. Well, you can thank me later, because Britain’s hardest-working band, Allusondrugs (one word, spoken fast, actual drugs optional), are giving away their latest single, I Should Have Gone to Uni, to all you loyal British music buffs out there. Link! Link! Link!

The West Yorkshire five-piece aren’t just one of the most consistently, exasperatingly well-reviewed and adored critical babies of the British music press; they’re also a legtimitately excellent band, a hefty mouthful of salty guitar and vocals you can get your teeth into. Around since 2012, they’re about the best iteration of the fuzzy rock/crisp vocal harmonies trend around at the moment. With the kind of tasty rhythms that make you want to grind on the nearest hard surface, their new single is an elated, explosive, exciting and intoxicating listen.

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