EP Review: Blueprint by Boy + Kite

by thethreepennyguignol

Adversity can bring out something very special in music. After slowly but surely gaining a strong following and releasing a well-received EP, Darvin Jones, the mind behind Boy + Kite, found himself fighting for his life in hospital with connection between his brain hemispheres severed and synapses broken in both ears. Half-convinced he would never play music again, a long recovery eventually became the breeding ground for the new Boy + Kite EP, Blueprint, a testament to the power of resurgence (and shoegaze indie music).

Made up of just three songs, Blueprint is a strong, elegant piece of music, each song tying up together to create an atmospheric, cohesive sound. The opener, Either Way, stands out as particularly strong- made up of breathy, tuneful vocals set against a chunky, bass-heavy backdrop- and sets the tone for the moody, angsty, but unforced EP. Turned Sideways picks up the pace with a spiky percussion line, earthy bass, and dreamy, drifting vocal harmonies set up against a guitar line that sounds like rain on a windshield. The closer, Touching the Sun, ties up the short EP in style, a triumphant, big sound for the group, drawing effortless melodies out of a deceptively minor-key track.

This is indie music hewn a mass of clay. The sound is intricate and has layer upon layer of influence and instrumentation behind it, carving a crisp, clean, intriguing sound out of what could have easily been another generic piece of indie. Blueprint stands as a strong comeback, and the comforting re-establishment of a band with a gorgeous, distinctive sound.

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