New British Music Week: Cream of the Young by Fat White Family

by thethreepennyguignol

Look, I’ve had and always will have time for music with a sense of fun. This doesn’t just mean prancing around onstage in day-glo lycra with goggle eyes and rictus grin (though that’s pretty entertaining, to be fair). It means being able to put together music that exudes enthusiasm, and passion, and the potential to have a good time. Fat White Family have that down to a tee.

Landing somewhere between rockabilly sensibilities and Jesus and Mary Chain fuzz, Fat White Family are sleaze made substance. Cream of the Young exudes a sweaty, indulgent kind of sound that’s built on a mountain of interlocking meccano layers of guitars, rolling vocals and pulsing percussion. This is  the masturbation of music; you get the feeling that they only do this because they think it feels good, and if you can get on board too then that’s bully for you. This is truly excellent music, a salute to salaciousness wrapped up in an atmospheric number that’s not short on substance, style, or skill.

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