New British Music Week: Tame by The History of Apple Pie

by thethreepennyguignol

New British Music Week continues after a brief two-day technical-related respite with The History of Apple Pie. The five-piece from London have a hint of breakout band Chvrches about them- it mind be those prominent synths and that carefully mixed-up female vocals, but they’ve got that same feeling of something bubbling right under the surface in their latest single Tame.

This is music that’s gratifyingly straightforward. There’s little to no messing around-everything here is presented in a clean, carefully storyboarded fashion that works to the advantage of the precise track. It’s great to have that all-over-the-place emotion that we’ve seen with other artists this week, but THOAP prove that putting together a three-minute synth-pop number is an art unto itself. And the sound they’ve sculpted out is gorgeous; a relentless earworm that engages and entrances without stepping over into deliberate novelty or histrionics. Tame is al the better for it’s unshowy visage.