New British Music Week: Antidotes by Peasant’s King

by thethreepennyguignol

On day three of British music week, we prove there’s more too Wales than the Doctor Who set and daffodils. Peasant’s King, formed in 2012, are pumping out gorgeous pop-rock with folk undertones.

Sure, they’re going to get compared to Mumford and Sons, but there’s more to them here than an insipid blend of strings and guitar. They’ve got a big sound, which I always appreciate, showcased to perfection in Antidotes (a track that was picked up by BBC Radio 1 Introducing). They’ve got a festival feel to them, blending anthemic climaxes with intricately put together build-ups. A lot of this rests on the stunning vocals, crisp and clear and direct and so good I stopped writing for a moment to stare into space with a dopey grin on my face when the high note hit. Landing somewhere between Young the Giant and the more straight side of The Fratellis, they’re representing modern Welsh music in the most impressive way possible.

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