New British Music Week: Magic Queen by Parakeet

by thethreepennyguignol

In the first instalment of New British Music Week, where we’ll explore music from up-and-comers on the British indie music scene, we’ll be taking a look at London-based alt-rock duo Parakeet.

And we’re talking alt-rock in the most traditional sense-take their newest single Magic Queen for proof. There are elements of Garbage here, if only in execution- that clear, cutting female vocal line against the grunge underneath. Well, grunge is too strong a word- it’s like someone took grunge, put it in a nice suit, brushed it’s hair and introduced it to the Arctic Monkeys. It’s one of those tracks that proves the art of the three-minute rock single is far from gone- it’s a crisp, quality number, throwing those echoey backing vocals against an energetic guitar and hours of enthusiasm in the studio to create something of almost inimitable value. A properly sensational single from one of the most engaging duos on the scene.

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