Single of the Week: Said and Done by Joe Con

by thethreepennyguignol

There’s a crispness to the Autumn air now that almost requires a sharper strain of music. Gone are the breezy, boozy sounds of summer, and back are the smart Fall insights and spiky edges of Joe Con.

The Kentucky-born MC and singer grew up in two seperate worlds- in one, he was an only child raised by an adoring single mother, and in the other, he was another kid in a hectic step-family with his father. He’s brought together these two seperate sides of his personality in his music- the laid-back vocals and careful handle on rhythm are matched with the mass of instruments and technical ability. Said and Done, off his upcoming EP due out in early November, is a song with piercing eyes and cool hair and an excellent sense of style. It’s got a sharp insight that almost belaid by the  no-messing delivery, and a voice that’s like a lengthy drink of cream.

There are a handful of genres at work here- Con’s work as an MC comes through, amongst pop, folk, and hip-hop influences- but it’s defined by him, and his attitude. The song here is an occasionally mournful run-through of a chequered romantic history, but it’s lifted out of cliche with a spark of intelligence and wry self-awareness. A belligerently bright start to the season.

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