Single of the Week: Sea Full of Sharks by Oswald featuring Hannah Georgas

by thethreepennyguignol

San Francisco rapper Oswald has some very strong views on the state of current hip hop, calling it “ a breeding place for people spitting nonsense and promoting hate, misogyny, and violence. This sentiment comes through loud and clear in Sea Full of Sharks, Oswald’s debut single. It’s like the grooving wake up call that hip-hop should take heed of, but I urge you to take Sea Full of Sharks to heart. This slick track provides Oswald’s bile about the industry against the backdrop of Hannah Georgas spectral vocals to create a rap-pop that grabs you by the throat in the most agreeable way possible. 

Oswald’s debut EP, Ride, will be out 14-10-14. 

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By Kevin Boyle