Single of the Week: All The Rage Back Home by Interpol

by thethreepennyguignol

Back in 2010 Interpol released their self-titled fourth album. This was to be the band’s last effort with eccentric bassist Carlos D, with the intention of the band showcasing their definitive sound. What the fans got instead was a dank, sludgy nightmare with few points of merit. Interpol clearly had taken their trademark gloomy new wave sound to its final resting place.

So with the departing bassist and a serviceable Paul Banks solo album in the interim just what will the new phase of Interpol sound like? Thankfully, All the Rage back Home is the freshest and most urgent the band have sounded since those heady days of Antics. Gone is the malaise of their previous effort, with Banks in particular sounding like he’s had an adrenaline shot and a killer hook handed to him by his younger self.

What will this mean for El Pintor, the bands fifth album? If this song, and reports of positive reactions to new material from their live shows, prove to be reliable, the band seem to be back to their winning formula: two parts angst and darkness, one part cool melody. All hail the returning dark lords of indie.

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By Kevin Boyle