Guest Post: In Three Songs- Biffy Clyro

by thethreepennyguignol

We’d like to extend a warm Jukebox welcome to Olga Polomoshnova, creator and writer at Rock Britain, who’s dropped by for an In Three Songs look at the modern Scottish rock legends Biffy Clyro.


There’s no doubt that Biffy Clyro belong to the cohort of the most important and the best bands of today. Ask any musician or music lover about their favourite artists and nine people out of ten would quote Biffy’s music as a huge influence, or their shows as the most memorable gigs of their lives. That’s true: the band’s unique style is impossible to pin down and the passionate energy of their live shows is hard to rival. Forget the rules when you talk Biffy Clyro, just let this hurricane sweep you off your feet and, basically, enjoy having your mind blown by their charisma, diversity and talent. Mon the Biff!

Track 1: Toys, Toys, Toys, Choke, Toys, Toys, Toys

This track is a vivid representative of the early Biffy Clyro era. Distorted, uneven structure, raw, roaring, menacing power and a hectic mix of relentless explosions with several oases of disturbing tranquillity scattered here and there comprises this music extraordinaire. Toys, Toys, Toys sets its own rules instead of following the ones created by others. It gets on you with a blast and the whole unrestrained energy of a charismatic rebellion. Once you hit play, the beast gets out of control and all over the place. You’ve been warned.

Track 2: Victory Over The Sun

The anthem for unity and not giving up, Victory Over The Sun has the iconic Biffy trick – a sudden, unpredictable structure change. The song starts off acoustically and, when you’re almost lured on cloud nine by the dreamy picking, the band get out an electric hammer and hit you hard with loud, mighty riffs without any warning whatsoever. Enough to give you chills, eh? But wait till you hear the chorus, an unleashed rock storm at its wildest, breaking all the possible borders and leaving everything in ruins. In this song, Biffy Clyro take juggling with structures to a brand new level by running the melody flow through the prism of experience and musical maturity. Incredibly inspirational, elevating, Victory Over The Sun forces you to believe that anything is possible. Just don’t forget to choose the right music.

Track 3: Machines

When you’re done headbanging to the best of Biff and need some quality relaxation, the band do have some gorgeous ballads in their back catalogue to soundtrack your reflections upon life with a glass of something. Believe me, the ballads penned by this band can move the toughest person on Earth, so prepare to sink into meditative moods. Machines is intense and calm, gripping and shivers-down-the-spine-sending. It’s Biffy at their most incredibly serious and wise, to say nothing of thebeauty. The musicians touch upon the most intimate, delicate heart strings and set just the right thoughts in motion to get you to look inside your soul. Haven’t you forgotten how good it could be to feel alive?

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