Album Review: Rise Up For Love by Sister Speak

by thethreepennyguignol

Pulling off the world music-pop thing is next to impossible. That’s just the fact of the matter. So when I was promised world music mixed with pop and angst in the form of the new Sister Speak album, I was pretty intrigued.

Their lead songwriter and singer, Sherri Ann, was inspired to write this album while she was recovering from a major injury in hospital. The whole thing is tinged with a real sense of vunerability, lent a real depth and honesty with some properly fantastic vocals. There aren’t enough truly charismatic female frontwomen working in the industry right now, and here we’ve found a new one. Her voice is ragged and rough, a lynchpin around which to build an album, as good at pulling off those signature vocal slides as she is imbuing every song with a rich sense of longing. I might be getting a bit wordy (what’s new?) here, but I can’t stress how much I utterly fell in love with this album thanks to the gorgeous voice work. The opening track, Chicago Dream, is probably the standout on this front, but every song proves something different about this band, and I like that.

The music is wonderful too; it almost doesn’t need to be with those vocals, but this remains stoically a band and not a singer with some studio musicians kicking around. Take something like Lady Love- a light touch, it’s a built around the interplay between guitars mixed with folky interludes and soft percussion. Musically speaking, the real masterpiece of the album Comes in the middle, with Mirror (I) and Mirror (II). There’s a sublime, dreamy feel to the echoey guitar, the barely-there synths, every faction of the song given plenty of time to grow in it’s own right until they reach a climax so absorbing I went and had a ciagarette while I was listening to it. That’s high praise coming from me.

I’m almost sceptical about this being a debut album. That’s how good it is. Released in late September, make no mistake that you’ll be kept up to date with single Releases and tour dates, because I’ll have to share it with someone.

Quick Fire Review

Out of Ten: 10

Best Tracks: Mirror (II), Chicago Dream

Listen To If: You want music you can dissapear into.

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