Single of the Week: Splash by Latimer House

by thethreepennyguignol

Prague-based indie quartet Latimer House are pitching their entry for single of the summer with Splash, the lead single from Album All the Rage. Around since 2010, this is a band who started out jamming in a rehearsal room just to see what would happen, and wound up with a handful of singles and an album under their belt. Bringing together their repsective experience from all corners of the earth (well, Toronto, Virginia, and London, to be precise), they’ve successfully brought together a distinctivly optimistic brand in indie pop that crams together fuzzy synths, tight vocal harmonies, and the appropriate amount of British cynicism.

Splash is one of those singles that’s distinctly difficult to dislike. And in all honesty, if you’re into misery, you’re probably going to argue with this review (but you’re probably not all too bothered about the song of the summer, so why you’re even here is more of an issue). Joe Cook’s half-sung, half-spoken vocals presume that you’re aware of Ian Dury and The Smiths (both of whom Latimer House cite as influences), while the do-do-do-ing of the backing track puts you in mind of the Beach Boys had they ever visited Margate. A real grower, it takes five minutes of your time and hands back a cocky earworm that says “This is what you’re getting”.


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