Single of the Week: Rabbits by Misty Miller

by thethreepennyguignol

Copyright Misty Miller

Copyright Misty Miller

Your day needs a big, warm hug. Preferably a hug from thirty years ago. The Jukebox single of the week this week is Rabbits by the insanely talented Wimbledon artist Misty Miller, landing somewhere between retro-cool and plain retro. Just occasionally, I stumble across a song that makes me go “…huh” for all the right reasons, and this is one. Right from those first few strums of the fuzzy, furry guitar and a voice which is the closest aural equivalent to cunnilingus I have ever come across (pun fully intended) in my life, this was a track that worked for me. Sounds like it should be the come-down to an amazing album, in a good way. Listen below, and prepare to have one of those moments for three-and-a-half minutes. You’ve been warned.

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