The Morning Birds: Bloom EP

by thethreepennyguignol

Let me tell you what we all need more of in our lives: we all need more collaborative concept albums, that’s what. If the Bloom EP is anything to go by, then bringing a bunch of artists to the table with one idea in mind is a surefire way to wind up with a varied, fascinating take on a concept.

The concept behind Bloom is simple. The Morning Birds- a native LA electronica group- created one original song, from which the EP takes it’s name. Then they handed over the song to five different remix artists and get them to produce their own takes on the song, with reference to a specific season of the year.

There’s a thin line between innovative and pretentious, and everyone has kept just to the right side of that line with this collab. With remixers from Canada to America to Belarus- including Crystal Castles remixer Alex Zelenka- the variation of sound and influence gives each take on the original tune a distinctive, original feel. Of the five remixes, Summer Bloom, courtesy of OptiX, is my favourite. There’s enough of the original song to let this version slide in seamlessly to the series, but this one turns Bloom into a kind of atmospheric, moody EDM number- think dancefloor filler meets Bond theme. It’s fascinating.

The original song, which opens the album, has just enough attitude of it’s own to keep it from getting lost in the mix, with lush, deep vocals and layer upon layer of synth and drums and bass. Whether it’s in the slow-building and jagged Spring Bloom or the carefully produced synth of Winter Bloom, the song leaves almost endless room for abstraction and lush reimagination.

When an idea is this interesting, it’s easy to forget that the music has to be good too or it’s not worth doing. Luckily, Bloom- from the opening of the original number to the closing of Fal- is twenty-two minutes of carefully constructed, intelligently written, and perfectly complementary tracks that will hold an appeal to everyone. Innovation over pretension every time.


Bloom EP will be released 12/8/2014, and you can pre-order it here.


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