Jukebox Single of The Week: Tear Your Hate Apart

by thethreepennyguignol

Australian quartet Monks of Mellonwah have had a pretty spectacular run so far, once you get past how silly their name looks on paper. The Sydney-based group, who formed in 2009, have scooped a number of awards for their cinematic electronic rock, as well as completing tours in both Asia and America into the bargain. Their first EP in 2012 was quickly followed up by the epic, cinematically-inspired trilogy Sky and Dark Night, which is just as pretentiously glorious as you’d hope. Drawing influence from bands as varied as Muse to Red Hot Chili Peppers, they’re pretty much undefinable and seem to take pride in the fact that a thousand record store clerks (do record stores even exist any more? For the sake of this artsy description, they do) will spend hours frustrating over where to put their CDs. Monks will be making a pilgramge to Europe and the USA later this year to support their new album Turn The People, and we’ve made their single Tear Your Hate Apart our Jukebox single of the week.

Tear Your Hate Apart has the kind of production you could happily make a winter nest out of; crisp, clean, and deep, lifting the song into something properly extroadinary. The vocal highs are intoxicating-somewhere between Matt Bellamy’s celestial warbling over the verses and landing an entirely more pop-rock feel in the chorus. It feels like a song that’s telling a story-not a ballad insomuch as it’s filled with a drifting spectrum of feeling, going from melancholy piano and guitar into crisply produced rock. You’ll love it. Go on, give it a listen. I won’t make any more painful religious puns if you do.