Top Ten Songs From Scottish Bands

by thethreepennyguignol

  1. Take Me Out- Franz Ferdinand


The last word in glossy indie-guitar-pop, the fabulously thinky Glaswegian foursome crashed into the big time with their brilliantly catchy single, Take Me Out. It’s warm, cheeky, fun, and smacks of the maturity that the veritable monarchs of Scottish indie brought to the table.


2. Henrietta- The Fratellis


Though they had a bigger hit with Chelsea Dagger, Henrietta is the infinitely better song. It’s completely filthy, and full of the head-over-heels boisterous energy that epitomizes these borderline-burlesque rockers. Oh, and Jon Fratelli wears a really cool top hat in the video.

3. Shock Horror- The View


Yes, it sounds like they’re singing through a fishbowl. Yes, it’s like catnip for the pseudo-pretentious wannabe hipsters of Scotland. But it’s also a pure, honest, anthem-a rock and roll, slightly grungy salute to the slapdash nature of success and it’s got a cracking great hook to boot.

4. The Captain-Biffy Clyro


A roaringly huge thunderstorm of strings, lighters-in-the-air vocals and layer upon layer of guitars, this wild, raucous number pulled the slightly niche Biffy into massive mainstream success with style.

5. I Could Be Happy-Altered Images


This single from the second album of the post-punk angst brigade is dripping with the kind of warm, comforting irony that we’d come to expect from the Claire Grogan-fronted band who gave us Dead Pop Stars. And Johnny McElhone, who went on to feature in the otherwise completely different Scottish sensation Texas.

6. And She Would Darken the Memory- The Twilight Sad


For a band known for playing really, really loud live gigs, The Twilight Sad prove here they can capture the smaller emotional truths. It’s a beautiful, heartfelt song that builds to their traditional wall of sound, crescendoing and falling in an unhurried and considered swoop.

7. Wonderful- Annie Lennox


Although this song often gets bad press (being described by one critic as a “mis-step”), I could make a good case for this divine piece of old-school style Lennoxine balladry being one of her finer songs-something new, yes, but none the worse for it.

8. Rocks- Primal Scream


A defining move away from psychedelic dance beats into rock and roll-inspired classic songs, this song was later picked up by Rod Stewart to cover on one of his new albums. It’s easy to see why-a timeless piece of fluid rock memorabilia, with some top guitar work and gorgeous vocals.

9. Stay Loose- Belle & Sebastian


I’ve never had much time for the starry-eyed pseudo-folk of the ultimate wistful pop band, but when they get it together and create a properly foot-tapping track like this one, I can’t fault them. The title says it all-a seemingly sloppy but astonishingly tight piece of drifting pop music.

10. Lightspeed-Twin Atlantic


These powerfully guitar-driven rockers are vastly, noticeably Scottish, with lead singer Sam McTrusty (no, really) defining the band with his thickly accented vocals. This driving opener is classic Twin-endlessly pushing forward, built on a frenetic crescendo of guitars and vocals.