Ships Have Sailed: Someday EP Review + Exclusive Free Download

by thethreepennyguignol

We get a lot of music to review here at Jukebox HQ (the space between my ashtray and my wall), and sometimes something really does stand out. And I’m not just saying that because we’ve been generously bestowed with a free download for you to enjoy: I’m saying that because I think Someday EP from Ships Have Sailed is pretty awesome.

The album opener is by far my favourite; Midnight is a slice of warm, dreamy pop that’s easy-listening in the best possible way: a slickly produced, densley layered piece of zeitgeist pop that lands somewhere between the life-affirmation of Fun. and the big sound and big vocal hits of Tove Lo. The second single, Bring You Down, sounds like classic rock as realised by a bunch of synthy surfer boys-soaring chorus, heavy on the vocal hooks, and full of Yellowcard-esque angst. It’s good, clear-eyed pop, and all the better for it. These songs stand out just by their sheer sense of bravado and unapologetic sense of glory-hunting-there’s a strength and an honesty to Bring You Down and Midnight that raises the album beyond a stuttering first foray into recorded music and has kept the record spinning on my proverbial gramaphone for the last couple of days

Just to Get Through, Clouds and title track Someday are all driven by the misty-eyed, summer-guitar SoCal feel you’ll find all over festivals over the next few months.The album takes a darker turn with the guitar-driven Better Off, blending ragged-at-the-edges vocals with punchy guitar riffs and ambition. This is what you’re supposed to do with a debut EP-show off all the sides of what you can do while holding it together with a cohesive sound and clear ideas at it’s center.

And don’t forget your free download of Bring You Down.

Someday EP by Ship Have Sailed will be released 15/7/14.