Seth Goodman: Cross Over Now

by thethreepennyguignol

Seth Goodman is a dreamer, he’s lost in his own world desperate for some contact. If Cross Over Now is his musical plea, then fans are going to catch on thick and fast. This is a chugging monster of a song, as if he reached into the pleasure centres of your brain and poured sugar on it.

Very much an outsider, he is “on the fringes of the fringes of the fringes alone”. Goodman runs wild through multiple genres to bring us Cross Over Now from the other side. Equal parts pop, acid jazz, normal jazz, all tied together with a shit-kicking alt country rhythm. There is a very David Bowie feel to proceedings: his gravelly harmonic vocals, which hint, both at, his desperation and how much fun he’s having, his preference for an other-worldly tone, and his ramshackle lyrics make the comparison to the pop king of the seventies are more than appropriate.

What’s the real surprise here is the restraint. The song ticks along nicely with a ragged acoustic riff that lulls you into thinking this is a normal rock song. That is until Goodman lets loose with a acidic guitar riff that doesn’t change the rhythm so much as spiralling around it. Add to this Goodman’s desperate lyrics of paranoia and loneliness, and you have the funniest song about manic depression since Ongio Boingo’s Quiet Life.

This is the first cut off of Goodman’s forth-coming debut album White Space Flavors And Parties On TV and if this song is anything to go by then it’s gonna be a mad psychedelic ride. I mean come on look at that title, a shy reserved acoustic album will not be expected. Instead expect the most dazzlingly inventive and original album released this year. That’s if Cross Over Now is anything to go by.